Free download HandyCafe : Internet Billing Software, Firewall.

Free download HandyCafe : Internet Billing Software, Firewall BY prologic :

HandyCafe software is an Internet Billing software from Ates Software. Is a management connection to the Internet rental services also known with WARNET (warung internet) in Indoneasian lang.You can use this software for free now.

HandyCafe was written by using the latest technology and concept. Many newly added features contribute the software more elasticity and skill. HandyCafe is an Internet Cafe Software which brings prestige to the business with an easy to use structure and its reliability in the network media.

Some new features and other conventional ones of HandCafe are summarized below. Most of them are not given by other programs and thanks to these unparalleled features, managing an internet cafe and network didn’t be ever so enjoyable and easy.

Read some features of HandyCafe Cyber Cafe Software below :

   1. Explore what can you do using HandyCafe Monitoring Feature.
   2. Create Members with Special Price and track them easily.
   3. By enabling Firewall feature of HandyCafe you will be able to prevent any website or connection..
   4. You can get any reports anytime you wish. You can also see real-time system logging.
   5. You can change/manage your client’s settings from Server without leaving your desk.
   6. Customize your Server, change & set any options and control your Clients in ease.
   7. Show animated banners, video files, web sites, images; protect your computers.
   8. Information or download HandyCafe to test it in real-time.

If you has use this HandyCafe software eg : for server or client, U can do some up-date to.
Free download HandyCafe : Internet Billing Software, Firewall BY prologic : 
All HandyCafe software is free to download. Choice what you need and get HandyCafe software by click the link below :

Free download HandyCafe : Internet Billing Software, Firewall BY prologic.

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Carlos Miguel De Villa said...

This is just a great software for my business! This rocks! Yeah! I also have one software like this which has a wisp billing system.

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HandyCafe 3.3.21

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